Getting Started

This product ships as a zipped web.  Save the downloaded zip file to your hard drive, then unzip it to your "My Web Sites" directory (or wherever you like to keep your webs).  A folder with the template name will be created, and your new web will be created inside.  Afterward, simply open Microsoft Expression Web Designer or Microsoft FrontPage and browse to the folder to open your web!

About This Template


This template was created with pure CSS layout, eliminating the need for bulky tables in the HTML code and providing a web-standards compliant web.  Due to the limitations of some web publishing programs, you may not be able to view the pages exactly as they will appear on the web from within Design views - please rest assured that this is normal.  Simply use your web publishing program's  "Preview in Browser" function, to preview your pages as they will appear in action on the internet.

Menu System

This template uses an included content page (includes/main_menu.htm) for the non-flash menus.  Why?  The use of included content pages allows you to quickly and easily make your changes/updates on a single page, which then automatically updates all pages which the initial included page is attached to.  More importantly, however, the included content menu systems are standards compliant, whereas the FrontPage navigation system is not.

The menu system utilizes javascript and CSS styling to produce the pop-out menu effect.  To modify, simply modify the bullet list on the main_menu.htm page and set the hyperlinks to open the appropriate pages you have made.

Ease of Changing Colors

This template uses graphics for the backgrounds, called by the cascading style sheet.  You will not be able to change the color scheme by simply changing a number in the style sheet; rather, you will need to have a graphics program capable of manipulating layered .psd files which are included with this package.

Flash Movie

This template uses a flash movie which was created with dynamic fields allowing you to make changes without the use of a flash program.  In order to avoid problems with IE 6 and below, we have utilized the swfobject.js scripting to call the movie without disturbance to your viewers.  If your viewers do not have the flash player installed, they will see a non-moving header image (noflash.jpg) without the menus.  We have included a .psd version of this static header for you to revise with your own name (a graphics program capable of modifying layered .psd files is required for this modification).

Changing the Images in the Flash Movie

Changing Text in the Flash Movie

PSD Files

We have included pertinent layered Photoshop files for your convenience should you have the need to make changes to various colors and/or layouts (note that a graphics program capable of modifying the .psd file extension is required to use these).  The images are located in the images/psd_files/ directory, and do NOT need to be published to your web.  If you do not plan to use them, you may simply delete the folder and its contents.  The files included are:

  1. bodyback.psd - three column layout background file
  2. bodyback2.psd - 2 column layout background file
  3. footer.psd - entire footer content area
  4. noflash.psd - file to modify for non-flash viewing browsers

Adding Pages

To add pages, simply use one of our blank page templates.  Go to the Folder List (View, Folder List) and open the template or your choice.  As soon as it is open, go to File, Save AS... - then save it as the name you want your new page to have.  Next, open the appropriate menu file(s) from the includes/ directory and enter the name and link for your new page.  Repeat every time you wish to add a new page!

Footer Information

The footer copyright information and links are contained in the file includes/include_bot.htm.  Simply open that file, make your changes, and they will be effective throughout all pages of your web.

Style Sheet Information

All our colors and fonts not specified in the background image files are controlled by an external style sheet, ex008.css, located in the root directory of the web.  Note that the colors for the upper horizontal menu and other colors in the flash movie are NOT controlled by css; you will require Flash MX if you wish to change the source of the flash movie.

Image Information

We have paid the appropriate licensing fees for you to use the imagery free of copyright infringement for a web site only.  If you wish to use the imagery for other purposes, you will need to obtain your own license.  Please refer to the license agreement included with this template for additional details.  The images used in the movie of this template are from as follows:

image1.jpg:  Forest In The Fog #142332
image2.jpg:  Misty Morning #232846
image3.jpg:  Dreamy Light #1017957
image4.jpg:  Misty Forest #698202